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Biography -- Groovy Tuesday Members


As a boy, I loved to listen to my uncle's rock 'n' roll 45s and would imitate the artists singing and playing guitar. There was a turning point on a Sunday night in February 1964 and I knew I wanted to play guitar. Playing with friends throughout the school years was great fun. I even got to play with a band in the Bahamas in a club when I was 14.

In 1982 I met up with a musician from Ireland. She had won the equivalent of our Grammy and had 5 albums to her name. We formed a group, played clubs and wrote and recorded our originals together for a few years. We even had a video on cable. It was fun to go to work and have people say they saw me on TV. She eventually returned to Ireland and I thought playing with a band was over but I kept at it. Putting the guitar aside, I joined a Choral Group and performed in Carnegie Hall….so overall, it's been an interesting musical adventure.

A few years later a friend asked me to join a band in New York State but I didn't think it would be possible as I live in Jersey. Luckily it worked and I have been with Groovy Tuesday for over seven years.

Being in GT allows me to play all the instruments I've studied: guitar, cello, trombone, harmonica and voice. I love playing and singing with Groovy Tuesday. The rarely heard cover tunes are so much fun to work out vocally and instrumentally. Groovy Tuesday is totally a group effort and I am proud of my contribution.