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Biography -- Groovy Tuesday Members

Peter Verutes

My musical journey started when my dad started playing his accordion to me over my crib. I was surrounded by a musical family and grew up listening to ethnic music, popular/classical, and Italian singers in our home. My dad's dream was for me to learn the accordion, which I played for a short time. Although drumming was my real love and I did get my fulfillment of playing on other friend's drums... In 1969, I got into playing bass guitar which was the closet thing to rhythm, that my folks could tolerate. I've played actively with various bands throughout the 70's and 80's on Long Island, covering many genres before moving to the Hudson Valley in '89.

Early influences in the 60's and throughout the 70's are what shaped my style of playing. As you can tell from my gear, I'm a huge McCartney fan. But, there are many others.

I've recently rejoined Groovy Tuesday after a 4 1/2 year hiatus and it has been a blast performing with my buddies again. We have some great shows and new music for the coming year and I look forward to seeing all of you at the shows. Thanks for all your support.


As a boy, I loved to listen to my uncle's rock 'n' roll 45s and would imitate the artists singing and playing guitar. There was a turning point on a Sunday night in February 1964 and I knew I wanted to play guitar. Playing with friends throughout the school years was great fun. I even got to play with a band in the Bahamas in a club when I was 14.

In 1982 I met up with a musician from Ireland. She had won the equivalent of our Grammy and had 5 albums to her name. We formed a group, played clubs and wrote and recorded our originals together for a few years. We even had a video on cable. It was fun to go to work and have people say they saw me on TV. She eventually returned to Ireland and I thought playing with a band was over but I kept at it. Putting the guitar aside, I joined a Choral Group and performed in Carnegie Hall….so overall, it's been an interesting musical adventure.

A few years later a friend asked me to join a band in New York State but I didn't think it would be possible as I live in Jersey. Luckily it worked and I have been with Groovy Tuesday for over seven years.

Being in GT allows me to play all the instruments I've studied: guitar, cello, trombone, harmonica and voice. I love playing and singing with Groovy Tuesday. The rarely heard cover tunes are so much fun to work out vocally and instrumentally. Groovy Tuesday is totally a group effort and I am proud of my contribution.


As a boy growing up in the Bronx; I was always interested in popular music. I loved to sing and recall my father using his reel-to-reel to record me singing "Mack the Knife" at the age of 4. I began taking guitar lessons when I was 9 years old. Unfortunately I gave it up after a year or so, but never lost interest in performing.

Over the years my favorite performers have been Steely Dan, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers.

I was a lead vocalist in several short-lived Orange County bands in the mid 70s and late 80s. Then, about 10 years ago, I began playing guitar with a friend and shortly thereafter we formed the band, Groovy Tuesday. This was the first occasion that I’ve had the opportunity to perform as a rhythm guitarist and vocalist, which has been very gratifying.


Luckily I grew up during a musically historic time – when rock 'n' roll was in its infancy. Harmonically driven vocals, like The Four Seasons, the Hollies, and especially the Beatles, were incredibly inspiring. By the age of 16, I joined my first band as the lead vocalist, then drummer, covering bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and ZZ Top.

Over the years, I jammed with many people and found my niche after joining Groovy Tuesday in 2004, playing some of the best of the 60s and 70s.